the galactic center   1-30-18


WE wish to speak about DIRECTION.  WE observe human direction as spinning compasses, continually in motion, not settling with ease and purpose.  Or the children’s game of pinning tails on birthday donkeys.  If you do not know your soul’s direction, how can you take steps to assist yourself?  WE suggest doing the opposite.  Stillness, not spinning haphazardly.  WE acknowledge chaotic energies at this time and their temptation to move your Be-ings in any direction to get some seeming relief.  However, stillness is the answer and antidote to inner spinning.  Practice stillness as often as possible, through breath, through standing on your earth, unmoving, barefoot, through meditation, through any means you can find to calm your central nervous systems for you MUST master your own physical vehicles.  Within this stillness, your direction will become known to you.  YES, like the magic 8 ball you are now seeing in your vision —  the sentence you sought did indeed float up out of the mist or fog.  So it is with your own direction.  It will effortlessly float up and into your consciousness from your still point.  It is time to take your places, and you must know which direction is yours to claim and face in order to do this.  WE salute you!  WE leave you with a picture of a sunflower field.  They follow the sun and know to do this unerringly through their inner navigational systems.  Trust your own system, your own wisdom and your own internal compass — it will not fail you!





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