the galactic center  3-19-19

“There is no-thing you cannot do. You have shifted into a new reality where EASE is the way. Previous difficulties and hindrances have left, like snow melt in spring sun. The vibratory Gifts of your planet are now the wings at your feet. She is not separate from you nor you from her. This Oneness is an ancient memory that has been activated in recent days. What was formerly experienced as physical discomfort can now be experienced as feelings of fullness. WE send you a visual of a dry creek bed slowly filling with pure crystalline water. You are the creek bed and the water and the filling itself. You have successfully created Fullness of Self wherein no-thing not of your making can interfere with your creation powers. In this now moment, your free will choice is truly that – a choice to move in whichever direction YOU wish. It is only your hand on the tiller, no-thing and no one else’s. Your responsibility lies solely in each Now moment of deciding to experience and express more Love. The false burden of obligation no longer informs you.”


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