postcard:  3-26-19

Directed this morning through internal intuitive guidance to clear all patterns, all thought forms, all frequencies of feeling superior, better than, or more right. All these we created as part of the game we needed to play in the illusion. We came as Masters in order to play the fear game and to master it. These comparison or judging patterns were a necessary ingredient in order to successfully play this game. I experienced deep sadness at recognizing these comparisons of self against self, of resisting myself, fighting myself or finding myself lacking in some way. After these were cleared, while breathing Archangel Michael’s blue breath of Peace into the planetary grid, I saw a very tiny turquoise spiral entering my third eye. This felt like a different or multi-dimensional kind of Kundalini energy that was activating another aspect of the divine masculine within my system, along with doing some healing work in my brain. The clearing work that has to happen in order for us to move forward always contains a tinge of grief. However, after the full experience and expression of these feelings, the gift is new fullness or expansion within, along with a greater capacity to receive the next highest evolutionary transmission or stepping stone, however it makes sense as you read this.


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