postcard:  3-22-19

“Alchemy is literally transforming carbon into crystalline within the physical form. (turning dross/lead into gold) Dross equals the carbon body. Gold equals the Crystalline body. Alchemy consists of intention / Focus / Vision / EMOTION. The easiest emotion to access is Joy. The alchemical Wizards and Masters did all things INTERNALLY. The so-called manifestations such as the Loaves and Fishes in the material, seen world were the natural result of optimizing/alchemizing internal realities of prosperity, abundance, peace, well-being, Etc. The missing key or the necessary magic ingredient is the human body. There is no Alchemy without the body. All magic happens internally. This is why Yeshua said “the father within doeth the works.” Not to make us submissive to a “father” but to remind us that the Divinity principal inside is the creative agent! Agency equals empowerment.”
***my Team + Rizhnah (a new Dragon)**


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