The New Jerusalem 5 18 20

I’ve been having a conversation with a friend about the anomalies around Venus and the possibility the mothership New Jerusalem is actually in front of Venus, creating different shapes and colors and lights.  Anyway, I connected with a being on this ship this morning and this is the conversation.  This being’s name sounds like Noi-yah.
L:  do you wish to communicate anything that would be helpful at this time
N:  yes,  the Light above is the same as the Light within
**long pause**
L:  is it true that what we are seeing coming from the coronal holes in the sun are actually ships?
N:  yes
L:  and you are actually what we are seeing when we see the colors near Venus
N:  yes
L:  is there a way to minimize people’s panicked, chaotic reactions about this earth shift now?
N:  NO.  However there is a way you can maintain your own center more easily and be less impacted – go into your own heart, into the pink diamond sanctuary of your heart.  The heart is the brain AND the engine of your being.  The scientists who are working with heartmath and heart coherence are just scratching the surface of what is possible when one lives in this way but they are offering truths.  You can teach others how to experience their own heart coherence and that will be helpful.
**long pause**
N:  We did not come to “save” you or “save” the planet.  You wished, very strongly, to re-raise your Selves, to re-member your Selves, to re-Light your Selves, to re-empower your Selves.   As you reconnect with these and raise yourselves, you also raise the planet.  Gaia agreed to be the place-holder for these out of the deepest love for you, human, and this is where you chose to do these things.  It is your playground and your temple.  And we offer true benevolent assistance by supporting your desire and intent.
**as this piece of information was coming through, i felt the energy of teenage stubbornness and insistence in the best possible way, as teens feel into themselves and begin expressing who they really are.  very powerful YES energy to what we wanted to do and are now doing.
photo credit:  Gina Maria Colvin Hillimage.png

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