As with all life-changing shifts, I did not come to art gracefully or willingly.  I received a channeled message in Jan. 2014 that I would be used as a conduit to create paintings that contained energetic messages designed to benefit humanity’s evolution and that these messages would be embedded into the paint.  The messages themselves would draw the people to them that needed those frequencies.  My instruction was to “hold the brush and wait.”  I experienced tremendous discomfort and frustration in this process.  It was 18 months before anything started to happen, before I felt any “click” while moving color on canvas or wood.  I disliked almost everything I painted during this time.  The one thing that made a difference, and that kept me squarely in the instruction, holding the brush while seemingly nothing occurred, was an earlier experience with receiving an internal intuitive message that also made no sense and was in direct opposition to my lifestyle, yet brought forth an outcome for me that consisted of success and happiness beyond my wildest dreams.  At some time early on in this extremely stuttery, cranky-producing painting process, some dragon shapes started to appear in the paint that I had not created myself.  They insisted on being seen and on being painted.  They are in charge of this energetic process and bring joy to these paintings and to me. The dragons and I are eternally grateful for all opportunities to express, fulfill, and serve as conduits for any who are drawn to the energetic gifts of the galactic light art paintings.