interdimensional tetrahedron healing chamber transmission  HOLY TETRAHEDRON - DAY 316  (6-2-2020) "FOUNDATIONAL BENEVOLENCE OCCURRING" - the upcoming full moon/lunar eclipse is a gateway "like no other," in that the quantity and QUALITY of light coming in is without any filters, hindrances, 'shadows.' it is bringing CODES OF CREATION that will "place building blocks" of edenic … Continue reading


breaking news from the galactic center (yesterday - so much for being on top of things!) "The matrix is GONE. It is now up to everyone to decide individually whether fear is real or illusory. Free will in TRUE operation."

the galactic center  4-10-19 Right now, internal balance is critical. The light tsunamis arriving on the planet are purposely creating shift at a faster/higher rate than we originally contracted for. This is to assist all those still in 3D consciousness to access 4D with greater ease, if they so choose. Many will choose to exit … Continue reading

postcard:  3-22-19 "Alchemy is literally transforming carbon into crystalline within the physical form. (turning dross/lead into gold) Dross equals the carbon body. Gold equals the Crystalline body. Alchemy consists of intention / Focus / Vision / EMOTION. The easiest emotion to access is Joy. The alchemical Wizards and Masters did all things INTERNALLY. The so-called … Continue reading

postcard:  3-26-19 Directed this morning through internal intuitive guidance to clear all patterns, all thought forms, all frequencies of feeling superior, better than, or more right. All these we created as part of the game we needed to play in the illusion. We came as Masters in order to play the fear game and to … Continue reading

the galactic center  3-19-19 "There is no-thing you cannot do. You have shifted into a new reality where EASE is the way. Previous difficulties and hindrances have left, like snow melt in spring sun. The vibratory Gifts of your planet are now the wings at your feet. She is not separate from you nor you … Continue reading

THE GALACTIC CENTER The final puzzle piece is ADORATION. Adoring the godself within. Adoring the body, the Gaia body, the body of the galactic center as ONE body. I cannot be in love with Gaia without also loving and adoring my own body. (the habit of judging and dismissing our bodies as lacking or wrong … Continue reading