the galactic center:  Jan 10, 2019 "This is the beginning of massive collective transformation. Please remember this is what you desired and agree to. You are perfectly placed, both in terms of location and personal evolution, to assist yourselves and all others participating in this shift. Nova Gaia exists. These remaining days of duality are … Continue reading


the galactic center:  Jan. 2, 2019 There are NO more filters. The galactic central sun is now freely and fully transmitting light information in to the hue-man body and into the Gaia body. Each hue-man is now required to integrate this light according to their own wishes, intentions and their highest good. For some, this … Continue reading

from Sirius: **SIRIAN TRANSMISSION** 12-6-18 many physical sensations and shifting, the most notable was that the back of my skull felt porous and soft and then my whole head was lifted off my neck, as if its weight is actually light-ened. i saw my light body envelop the entire planet. i saw/sensed a web of … Continue reading

the galactic center:  Nov. 27, 2018 the Heart field is ONE coherent field. All frequencies come to rest HERE. None are excluded, including what you call 'negative.' The heart is a sanctuary." "Coherence within physical and magnetic and electrical systems creates an energy or an atmosphere of safety, and therein all things rest." "To achieve … Continue reading

the galactic center:  Nov. 19, 2018 The brain is a GRID. It is not the angular, linear pattern you have been visioning as grids. However, it IS sacred geometry and all geometry is patterning for specific results. See it more as a snowflake pattern, a 3D mandala-like pattern that is in constant motion in all … Continue reading

today's postcard:  Sept. 24, 2018   clearing and transmuting original father/son wound. gifted with this: true masculine = strength, wisdom, protection. true feminine = nurturing, guidance, love. bowing in gratitude to all the (supposedly) Unseen support we are now receiving in abundance.

the galactic center,  Sept. 22, 2018   Tava Stargate OPENED. Rivers of Light freely flow. Inner Earth beings rejoice. The template for the new human body installed and activated. The law of Love reigns. We are instructing all to dive into appreciating self. 

today's postcard:  Sept. 19, 2018 "approaching at the speed of Light - the equinox gateway, bringing love in all its infinite varieties and expressions. we are supported by the galactic center and our higher selves to release in this Now moment all inappropriate, non-majestic forms, constructs, frequencies, energetic patterns, loops, templates. overlays, imprints, matrices and … Continue reading

today's postcard - Sept. 11,2018   (9/11 - 9, completion/1, beginning) Experiencing MASSIVE internal transformations. Re-member-ing Self. All forms of playing small and all illusions created from this false construct now eliminated and dissolved. Much body buzzing. Fingers barely able to stay on keyboard. Ability to SEE/PERCEIVE/KNOW TRUTH enhanced to the power of infinity. Naysayers … Continue reading